The Ampendage Amp Stand

The Ampendage Amp Stand is simply the best looking guitar amp stand available. But looks aren’t the only thing that separates the Ampendage from other amp stands. Click here to see why it’s the stand of choice for discerning guitar players.

Glowing Reviews!

• Jason Sidwell of Guitar Techniques Magazine thinks the Ampendage is “Good for you, good for your audience”

• Brendan Delumpa of thinks the teak model is “absolutely gorgeous”

• Katrina Johansson of Guitar Girl Magazine says the Ampendage makes an “excellent gift for the guitar player in your life”

• Guitars Canada says “It is perfect for 2×12 combos and very sturdy”

Your choice of quality finish

Whether you choose classic black, solid teak or solid maple, the Ampendage provides a professional look that will make you stand out.