More Positive Feedback

It’s always great to hear from customers who love our product. This past week Sal from Connecticut received his second teak Ampendage amp stand. He must have loved the first one – when he ordered the second he had this to say: “Thank you for making a well built, nice looking, and extremely useful product.” He was also generous enough to provide a picture for our gallery (which I have attached). I’ve always felt that the Ampendage was a perfect match for the amps that Sal is using – looks like a Fender Twin Reverb and a Vox AC series. I rented a Vox a couple of years ago for an Ampendage photo shoot. (I may have played with it a little as well 🙂 I thought it looked great on our black stand – we didn’t have the teak or maple options at the time. I’m really glad to now have a photo of the Vox on a teak stand. In my opinion, the Vox is one of the best looking amps out there and it deserves a great looking stand to match.

Thanks so much for the photo Sal!