A Great Customer Setup

I received email a few weeks ago from one of our repeat customers. I was very pleased with what he had to say: “When I find a product I like, I tell the company about it. I now have 3 of your amp stands, I think they are just awesome. They are not only well made, they are very sturdy for such a small stand, not to mention, they are very attractive and look awesome in my music studio. Also, very fast delivery and were a piece of cake to assemble.

Greatest amp stand ever built!!! ”

Wow. Thanks so much for the great feedback Jim! Jim also gave me a list of his equipment, which you can see in the attached picture: Rivera Sedona 55, Rivera Venus 6 112, and AER Domino 2.A

I gotta say, hearing from happy customers never gets old! If you have a picture to share please send it to kwagg@ampendage.com. Thanks.